“Stage the house” with the home staging method

Stage the house is the right metaphor to understand the project I’m going to tell you about. Specialized magazines stage houses to attract the attention of readers. Because a house featured on the cover of a magazine is what many people dream of having, clean and tidy. A house that speaks about relaxation, intimacy, hospitality and warmth. Where you spend pleasant moments with the people you love, with friends. A potential client imagines a villa or an apartment not only for everyday life, but sometimes for short periods.

The market in recent years has intensified the demand for short-term rentals, for holidays, for cultural trips and for work.

Instead of a hotel room more and more people prefer the intimacy and freedom of an apartment, a villa or a farmhouse.

Obviously, a strong demand also intensifies a large offer and therefore a lot of competition.

The years in which any property was rented and often in a poke are gone. Those who are looking for an accommodation enter the parameters in the search engines and the results that appear are many, and all correspond to the needs sought.

At this point, where does the choice fall? On the most beautiful one.

But is beauty subjective? Yes, but a tidy house, with attention to detail, welcoming and expertly photographed is undeniable that it is the most beautiful.

And here is where the problem arises, some houses do not excite because they do not correspond to expectations and do not have the characteristics just mentioned above.

So what can be done to ensure that your home is chosen among many? You can rely on an expert who knows the required fees well and knows how to highlight the property, a home stager.

For years in the United States, real estate agents have their homes set up for sale by a professional home stager to stage the house.

They use furnishings that remain only temporarily or that are sold in the price, but mainly serve as a real photographic set for advertising the property to be put on the market.

In Italy this kind of method has been in use for a few years, and in the branch of hospitality it is receiving consensus and positive results.

In the case of the rental of properties, it is not only a question of preparing a photographic set, but of setting up a permanent “scenography”, which allows you to create excellent advertising material.

This technique is called “Home staging”, which literally means “to stage”.

Relying on the hands of an expert home stager means that you have decided to excite customers looking for accommodation. Doing this, the marketing is aimed at the right target and at the right price.

A well-structured intervention, done by a professional, will begin by evaluating which type of customers you want to address and after a careful analysis will plan the intervention.

This is the first step for a good marketing strategy and for implementing a winning “staging” project.

For example, a home for a young clientele with a good spending power, or to attract professionals and those looking for a holiday but must also make some smart working the ideal style is fresh, clean and naturally relaxing.

If you turn to the household market it is good to choose a classic, warm and elegant intervention with different services. While if you rent in a big city, the minimal but at the same time comfortable and functional style is what is normally required.

Once the target has been identified, the expert will study the potential of the property and enhance them with targeted interventions.

The right strategy is, yes, to rely on a home staging expert but he has also to be grasped for short-term rentals, who appropriately stages your house.

The proposed interventions will be definitive but not necessarily at a high cost, they will have to create a location that excites the tourist. They will have to make the space welcoming by placing the appropriate paintings and hung in the right way, they will identify the colour of the walls that best suits the rooms, the exterior, the furniture and above all they will try to intervene by meeting the taste of the greatest number of people.

Stage the house, here are the 5 basic rules:

– Comfortable




– Excite

When there is so much competition you cannot go wrong and for this reason, a good intervention by an expert home stager will not make you fall into the reckless and not very useful descent of the fall in prices.

By doing in this way, the cost of home staging will soon be repaid.

“There is never a second chance to make a good first impression”

                                                                                                           -Oscar Wilde

So put your home on stage with home staging!

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